Colin Mason is an Artist based in Norfolk that producs art to sell, art to hire and offers painting classes based in beautiful rural Norfolk.


Let me take you into the world of Turner, Monet, Constable and of traditional and contemporary art, where colours collide and light dissolves and dances in a heady mix of turpentine, linseed oil, bright reds, cadmium yellows, phthalo blues, sap greens, palettes and brushes. Conjure up in your mind if you will, painting landscapes, seascapes, windmills, beaches, big skies, all the things you would love to paint but have never had the courage to try. Well you can now.

Colin James Mason is a skilled and experienced artist who has been painting for over 25 years with the mediums of oils, acrylics and pencil. His subject matter is varied and includes works in Aviation, Nautical, Landscape, Seascape, Flora and Forna, Portrait and Figure Work.  His material is collected all over the world and he supports the Military Charities with his work.  Influences are life itself and his surroundings creating both traditional and contemporary works.

Colin teaches with energy and passion, which is infectious, and this in turn then empowers his Artisans to produce art they never thought they could. His philosophy towards the Arts is about taking the mystery out of that sometimes murky world, and letting his Artisans indulge in it for themselves. Be absorbed in a world that can open up new and exciting horizons, how it can really show you what nature and the world that surrounds you has to offer your eyes and your mind. Colin will inspire you and show you how to paint whilst thoroughly enjoying yourself and the learning process.

If you believe in yourself enough to want to try, then come along and surprise yourself and produce a work of art you perhaps never thought you could. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

Join Colin and absorb yourself in the world of the Artist, and enjoy a friendly, welcoming and relaxing time in an atmosphere totally conducive in allowing you to explore your creativity.

The Florence Studio is set in landscaped gardens down a quiet lane in the tranquil village of Oxborough, Norfolk, close to the National Trust property of Oxburgh Hall. The Bedingfeld Chapel next to the village church of Oxborough, houses one of only three sets of terracotta tombs and tiles in the UK. This is where some of the Bedingfeld family are buried, and whose descendant’s still reside in Oxburgh Hall.  It is set close to the fabulous beauty of Thetford Forest, and is encompassed by the generous big skies of this amazing County.