Colin Mason is an Artist based in Norfolk that producs art to sell, art to hire and offers painting classes based in beautiful rural Norfolk.

Courses > The Atmospherics of Painting Light

Tranquility by Colin Mason
This 3 day course is for those who wish to master the technique of how light plays such an important part in a painting. Light is probably one of the most important elements you will ever use. Discover its capabilities, its uniqueness and its ability to create the shadows and atmosphere that makes a painting so distinctive.

Day 1 starts with Colin showing you the different ways to paint light onto a canvas using the materials and tools you will use yourself. He will discuss with you all the aspects of the transition of colour from the palette to the canvas and the merits of using a slick surface to applying colour direct to the canvas. You will get the opportunity to try this for yourself to give you an idea how it all works.

Day 2 begins with a short refresher before moving on to start the preparation for your painting. For this you will start to paint 2 canvases, both different, which shows you the importance of light in bringing a flat surface to life and creating two very different atmospheres.

Day 3 continues with developing the paintings to complete the finished work for you to take with you.

All materials, equipment a light lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee.

Fee: £165.00